Snail: Let’s look at the fat people and make fun of them. What do you say? Bunny: Isn’t that so rude? Snail: I think it isn’t at all because… they do that to themselves.


Bunny: You seem to me so blurry these days, I got headache when looking at you. Snail: Everything is perfectly fine with me. You got the problem. You’re not enough into new technology. Here, try 3D glasses. Bunny: Aaaah… now I get it!

Snail and bunny

Bunny: Does internet have a bad influence on verbal communication? Snail: Hold on for a second…

Snail and Bunny

Bunny: How can we succeed if we are, as they say, so ugly? Snail: Don’t be so pessimistic, look at this way: we are just the picture of our society.